Financial Advisor Layout Pack

Global Presets UI Style Guide

This global presets style guide is a great way to start a new web design project! Wondering how to turn modules into global presets? For a detailed tutorial on how to use this style guide, click on the link below to be redirected.

01. Color palette

In the first part of the style guide, you can find the color palette that’s been used for the layout pack. Use these colors inside the default color palette in your Divi Theme Options.




02. Visuals

The second part of this style guide shares some of the visuals that are included inside the layout pack. By importing the layout to your Divi Library, these visuals have automatically been added to your media library, ready for you to use.

03. Text styles

Tau UAVs could be launched from static or mobile platforms. The excheangable front mask allows to can carry different sensors (e. g. EO/IR) so operator can easily mix them and thanks swarm get situation awareness. TAU UAVs can also served as a „hunter killers“ – can be launched against enemy object and destroy it by impact.

Civil/Security: border control, perimeter protection
Defence: perimeter protection, tactical reconnaissance

Heading 1


headline for website

Heading 2


headline a headline

Heading 3

About us

Heading 4



Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.


  • Flexibility – We are ready to modify our products and services according to client’s needs;
  • Modularity – Our products and services are complex and compatible;
  • Simplicity – We are always dedicated to look for a simple yet most effective solution;
  • Affordable – We are convinced that unmanned and robotics technologies must be affordable;
  • Durability – Our systems are designed to survive in harsh environment.

All in one

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Lorum ipsum dolor sit amet.

  • Quisque velit nisi

04. Buttons

Here, you’ll find the buttons that have been used in the layout pack. 

Button 2


05. Blurbs

Up next, we have some blurb modules that have been frequently used in the layout pack.

Blurb 1


Authorized trader with military goods

No. R161020487
issued by Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
on August 19, 2016

Blurb 2

06. Other modules

Last but not least, we’re sharing other module designs that were used in the layout pack. Upon importing with presets, these have all been added to your preset library. If you didn’t enable the import presets option, you’re able to turn any one of these modules into a global preset.

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Multi-mission uavBadges
Aerial targetBadges
unmanned aerial vehicleBadges
Aerostat systemBadges

Other recommended platforms

Our UAS fleet contains other distinctive platforms, which allows us to cover wider range of mission requirements and so that provide complex services.


unmanned aerial vehicleBadges


Mini UAS with long endurance and dust, snow and rain resistant system. BRUS makes low noise and it is reliable – 6 drives and rescue parachute. It also allows variable installation of user equipment.

Technical description

Diameter: 1 200 mm
Height: 500 mm
Propeller: 28” BRUS, 30” BRUS H
Number of propellers: 6
Construction: C-F composite
Power unit: BLDC electric, 6x
TOW: 8,7 kg / 11 kg
MTOW: 12 kg / 30 kg
Max. payload: 3 kg / 8 kg
Max. speed: 60 km/h / 70 km/h
Endurance: about 50 min
Max. endurance: 80 min / 110 min
Wind resistance: 10 m/s / 12 m/s

unmanned aerial vehicleBadges

Hercules 2

Hercules 2 is high-speed mini UAS with good resistance to wind and other weather conditions. It is very quiet drone, with low audible and visual signatures and it is also easily transportable.

Technical description

Weight: 2 kg
Diameter: 450 mm
Height: 150 mm
Number of propelers: 4
Construction: carbon-made frame and anodized aluminium fasteners
Power unit: T-motor MN4014-9
Max. speed: 90 km/h
Max. endurance: 20 min
Wind resistance: 20 m/s
Communication: up to 5 km
Data security: AES 256

unmanned aerial vehicleBadges

Hercules 10

Easily transportable and extremely resistant UAS thanks to its 4 foldable arms and robust construction from carbon-made frame and anodized aluminium fasteners. Hercules 10 is also very powerful – it can lift up to 7,5 kg.

Technical description

Weight: 5,8 kg
Diameter: 900 mm
Height: 540 mm
Number of propelers: 4
Construction: carbon-made frame and anodized aluminium fasteners
Power unit: T-motor MN4014-9
Max. payload: 7,5 kg
Max. speed: 80 km/h
Max. endurance: 34 min
Wind resistance: 14 m/s

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