About us


The Company RobotScientific

RobotScientific is a company managed by professionals and designed for professionals. Officially the company was founded in 2016 but its history started way before by development of Aerial Targets for military use. Experience and skills earned by this development process are essence of our today’s approach framed by following words:
  • Flexibility – We are ready to modify our products and services according to client’s needs;
  • Modularity – Our products and services are complex and compatible;
  • Simplicity – We are always dedicated to look for a simple yet most effective solution;
  • Affordable – We are convinced that unmanned and robotics technologies must be affordable;
  • Durability – Our systems are designed to survive in harsh environment.

We are holders

of appropriate certification

The certificate allows access of the facility to classified information which is originated by or released to the facility.

Authorized trader with military goods

Issued by Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic

Security Clearance

Level of classification Confidential
Issued by National Security Authority of the Czech Republic